Dynamini Hot Melt Adhesive Supply UnitThe Dynamelt Automatic Purge System (APS) Hot Melt Adhesive Application Systems are designed to be used with polyurethane (PUR) adhesives. Polyurethane adhesives produce an extremely strong bond. They may be used for structural purposes, or for laminates carpet bonding, etc. They contain no solvents, which makes them environmentally desirable.

However, PUR adhesives react to moisture and typically must be melted at temperatures below 340°F. To put them to use, all moistures must be removed from the ASU's hopper. The Dynamelt S APS Models automatically resolve these issues by removing moisture using purge cycles after the adhesive is introduced, supplying super dry air and reducing the dew point in its hopper to -45°C. Relative humidity is reduced to 0.6% The Dynamelt APS ASUs are outfitted with special pneumatic controls, including a desccant filter, vacuum generator and membrane air dryer. The ASU's sealed lid and heavy-duty clamping lid handle(s) assure a moisture-tight closure. The APS models utilize a lower factory setting for the over-temperature thermostat and special DynaControl controller software.

Dynamelt APS Product Literature Downloads:

Dynamelt Hot Melt Adhesive Supply Unit Brochure

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Service and Operating Manual English

Dynamelt APS - The Dynatec Advantage

  • Self-Diagnostic DYNACONTROL™ P.I.D. Digital Temperature Controller with platinum sensor accuracy
  • Automatic adhesive hopper air purge system using regular plant air
  • Heavy duty positive clamping sealed hopper lid
  • PUR adhesive level sensor with low level alarm
  • Special DYNACONTROL™ automatic purge software with alarms
  • Easily removable access covers completely expose all components for easy maintenance
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